Organising Your Home For a Newborn

Baby proofing your home will seem like a huge, continuous undertaking. Make it easy on yourself and start now. You’ll be too overwhelmed with your new arrival and visitors to think about it when you come home from the hospital. Prepare for your new baby now by baby-proofing for the newborn stage. You will be re-evaluating safety needs at the crawling and walking stages, as well. No cornered edges, skid-proof mats in the room and bathroom, night lamps are some important things to be taken care of.

A whole lot of baby things are going to be your everyday essentials soon, so there is a need to first make space for the same. Empty the drawers and make a designated space for all your baby’s items. If your room is large enough to accommodate another piece of furniture, you can think of adding on a chest of drawers or a cabinet, especially for your baby essentials.

Once your newborn arrives, anytime shopping is going to be a dream, so it is a good idea to stock up on groceries in advance for the family, at for the first few weeks. Also, store household essentials and items that you need for your baby. Store all of it in an organised manner, with labelled shelves and drawers and stick on lists. Stocking up, and labelling jars and storage containers neatly will save you the pain of frantically searching for things you may need immediately. You certainly do not want to waste precious time and exhaust yourself searching for things when your newborn needs your attention.

Essentials that should be factored in, even if space is less, include the crib, a comfortable seater mainly for nursing and a changing station with storage. If the nursery is spacious and you have the budget for it, then a toy storage area, baby wardrobe, bassinet and playpen etc can be considered. It is better to avoid installations once the baby is in the house and to keep the space dust-free.

Gone are the days of the blues and pinks. You can plan the baby’s nursery in whichever hue that you fancy, as long as it is soft and soothing for the baby. Pastels work well, but you should take care to ensure that the colour you choose does not turn out to be something else when you actually see it. A good balance of soft colours with a touch of accents make an infant’s room look really cheerful and warm. Grey, yellow, biscuit, teal and burnt orange are my top favourites but it depends on what you are comfortable with.

Lighting and good ventilation determine the mood of the nursery. See to it that there is enough daylight streaming in. Yellow lights would be the preferred option to add warmth. A couple of accent pendant lights add to the fun. Nowadays many are available at reasonable rates.

The furnishings and accessories should be such that it should not hurt the delicate skin of the baby and should not pose any danger to them. Keep the space clutter-free so that you have seamless movement inside the nursery and the baby has a safe environment.

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